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Come from away is a renowned musical book with both music and lyrics from David Hein and Irene Sankoff. The show has played in Ford's theatre in Washington DC between September and October 2016, the Royal Alexandra theatre in Toronto and Jolla Playhouse and the Seattle Repertory Theatre. It premiered on Broadway on February 18, 2017, and is set for the official show on March 12, 2017 at the Gerald Schoenfeld. The setting of the show is in the famous town of Gander, Newfoundland on the events following the September 11 attacks. It shows how 38 planes had to land in a small town, increasing the population of the town by two times. The success of the show has been outstanding, selling a record $1.7 million tickets in a single week. Some of the casts of the show include Chad Kimba, Jenn Colell, Joel Hatch, Rodney Hic, Caesar Samay, Kendra K and Lee MacDoug. The story line is outright and easy to follow. It starts in the morning of September 11, 2011 when the people from Newfoundland learn of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington DC. The attacks cause the US airspace and 38 planes to converge at the town. The pilots, cabin crew and passengers are initially grounded. However, the good people of Newfoundland find it in their hearts to help by offering their houses and giving food to the 7,000 people and 19 animals. Under the pressure of the event, one pair of passengers who were a couple breaks up and another pair starts romancing. Most of the passengers fly back home after the air space is reopened apart from one woman who learns that her firefighting son had died. A pilot also laments on how the world had all of a sudden changed.

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